11 Apr,2014

Introducing the Lauge Jensen A. Kahn Design Café Racer

Afzal Kahn, CEO and Design Director of A Kahn Design, Britain’s original automotive fashion house, has unveiled the Lauge Jensen A. Kahn Design café racer.

In the presence of over 120 guests, photographers and media colleagues, the unveiling of this limited edition motor bike took place at the A. Kahn Design boutique on the Kings Road, Chelsea, London.

Hand trimmed racing seats drilled pedals, custom dials and indicators, sharp instrumentation, exhaust tips, visually dramatic handle bars, front forks and front and rear lamps are just some of the charms which ensured guests felt instantly at one with the bike, guaranteeing many a photo opportunity.

The beautiful design is seconded only by the resplendent performance which is afforded at 0-60Mph in less than 4 seconds (maximum speed is in excess of 160Mph).

Hand built in Denmark with the most efficient V2-engine in the world. This is the only motorcycle in the world to comply with EURO4 emission norms, in order to drastically reduce the amount of harmful exhaust gases produced by motorcycles. These forthcoming mandatory rules for all manufacturers are almost 50% more difficult to pass than the current EURO3 standard.

Hand-built to order, owners can specify any finish they desire. Despite building exceptionally beautiful “works of art”, this forward-thinking company also demonstrates an extraordinary level of technical expertise and detail in its bikes.

A. Kahn Design is a purveyor of the world’s most accomplished supercars and bespoke vehicles. The products of the best and most prestigious automotive manufacturers form the basis of our personalization programs which strive to create the perfect integration of luxury, style and performance.

The new A. Kahn model and a selection of custom Lauge Jensen bikes will be available on display at the A. Kahn Design showroom (Kings Road, London), so please drop in and enjoy the craftsmanship to its fullest.

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