22 Apr,2014

X1Slim from ChatterBox


The X1Slim from ChatterBox offers bike to bike and rider to passenger communication as well as Bluetooth connectivity allowing riders to wirelessly answer calls, listen to music and voice navigation directions along with a built in FM radio. Additional features also include wired Push-to-talk capability, 8-10 hours of steady-use and 20 hours of standby time from the built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery and an advertised max range of five miles. The X1Slim sounds like a product any rider would be happy to add their list of riding equipment. But, with an MSRP of $349.99, is it worth it? Does it live up to the real world test? We asked rider Meghan Sovine as she put the X1Slim to the test.

Meghan: After extensive testing I found the X1Slim to be very user friendly, easy to assemble, and easy to take care of. The sound quality is incredible thanks to the Hi-Fidelity speakers and noise-suppression microphones making it easy to hear other riders at low as well as high speeds.

The Bluetooth connectivity is easy, so pairing to my devices was a breeze. The music sound quality music is decent, although a heavy bass setting is not recommended. The voice activation option is less than desirable due to the sensitivity with picking up noise from the exhaust and wind when riding with the helmet visor open. Simply drop the visor and problem minimized.

I did find the five mile max range to be a bit exaggerated, however still impressive. One of the many accessories offered for the X1Slim I plan to invest in and recommend is the wireless Push to talk (PTT) feature to avoid dealing with a dangling wire while riding — we all know we have enough risk as is.

With just a couple of shortcomings, I certainly recommend this product as it made group rides that much more enjoyable.

For more info and products visit chatterboxusa.com

Writer: Kawi Girl Meghan Sovine. You can follow Meghan on Instagram @pearlgen310r and Twitter @megsovine