17 Jun,2013

Old Glory Harley-Davidsons Annual Fashion Show

Harley-Davidson (H-D) is pretty much synonymous with the motorcycle culture. Even if motorcycles aren’t your thing, chances are you know the brand…it’s that much a part of our Americana.

From movie appearances as Harley-Davidson and the Marlboro Man, Wild Hogs, Marvel Comics with Captain America’s heavily armored H-D Cross Bones bike to Tyler Perry’s Good Deeds, to name a few. The always grinding machine behind the infamous black and orange shield is studiously living up to this iconic brand’s reputation. But, did you know how extensive H-D’s clothing line is? No, really?

Sure, most motorcycle manufactures have a few shirts and caps for both men and women to represent their brand. Some may even go as far as top notch riding gear. H-D, however, has an entire clothing line that rivals some of today’s top fashions thanks to H-D’s Creative Director of Apparel & Fashion Karen Davidson — more on this in another article.

Old Glory Harley-Davidson in Laurel, MD held their annual spring kickoff fashion show with customers proudly rocking the gear. This was no mere showcase of a few jackets and shirts type of show. It was a true fashion show complete with a runway and enough styles and designs to a easily occupy a two-hour time span with a brief intermission.

Hosted by radio personality and Deuces Wild MC member DJ Rico, the show featured a variety of styles for men and women from sexy H-D logo emblazoned jeans to rain-gear and kids fashion. What was most impressive about the show was the magnitude of styles available for all riders of all sizes. None of that typical Hollywood model stuff here. However, once you’re Harley-geared up you may come down with a sudden case of Harleywood star syndrome as we happily witnessed as the customers strutted their stuff down the catwalk. “We enjoy having our customers as part of the show” says Old Glory’s Event Coordinator Karin Dalrymple. This sentiment was noticeably mutual by the smiles and pride shown on the participant’s faces. “Old Glory and Karin are like family” said Rico. “I’m happy to be here to show support.” To end the show, all participants took stage to participant in the current dance craze the “Harlem Shake” or as I saw it, the new Harley-D Shake.

With such brand loyalty and fashionable designs, it’s easy to see why this brand continues to permeate our culture. Ride on.

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Written by: Leon L. Brittain
motorcycle journalist and photographer