24 Jan,2017

Autumn Joi Live

For those members of our audience that may not know of this dynamic young lady, it gives us great pleasure to introduce you to Autumn Joi. For those of you already aware of this remarkably talented, reality star, radio personality, actress, TV ONE and TMZ correspondent and least we not forgettrendsetting true model, allow us to re-introduce you to a side you may not know, the adrenaline loving, wheelie popping, BikeLife fanatic side of Autumn Joi Live.

Always grinding and reinventing herself while remaining true to her core beliefs and principals, Autumn’s career has endured and is enduring the test of time. This is in part to not only her insatiable sense of hustle, but also her ability to remain grounded as she takes on new challenges such as with the male dominated BikeLife scene.

Always having a bit of a tomboy within, the lure of the BikeLife started calling. So needless to say she had to answer and did so in a big way with reaching out with some of the most recognized talents in the BikeLife movement such as the infamous Wheelie Wayne as her mentor with her weapon of choice, a Yamaha Raptor 700 that affectionately goes by Ricco.

One of Autumn’s goals is to help empower young ladies by being an example that anything is possible with hard work and determination. “You want to stunt. Do it. You want to get that degree. Do it. I’m thankful and grateful for the opportunities I’ve had because they’ve helped shape me into the person I am today.” she says with smile. “This is why I want to give back and show young ladies they can achieve their dreams and goals. I want to show its OK, to have fun and stunt around while still being that intelligent feminine woman within that likes to be cute at the club”she continued with joy.
This is just the beginning as she now embarks on yet another new challenging and rewarding opportunity, the mid-day personality on K97.5 in Raleigh North Carolina. For more be sure to follow her on Instagram and Twitter @AutumnJoiLive.