01 Dec,2017

2017 Thanksgiving Goon Giveaway

Donnamaria Robinson

Stronger Together

We don’t often ask for help; but we give it freely.

We don’t wish for notoriety; but we notice the unfulfilled wishes of those in need.

We don’t add up the dollars on our receipts, we subtract the selfishness of giving and multiply the Blessings throughout the community.

We don’t complain about the hustle, we call it all a labor of love.

We don’t run from the mirror, we listen to the message our hearts send, as our Souls stare back at us.

At the end of the day, in the quietness of our private space, we know that we gave the world a little bit of “us” and that we are not “proud” of our accomplishment but grateful that we could.

Put your heart where your mouth is…
#StrongerTogether #AllUsForUs #GoonGiveaway

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