14 Feb,2014

2014 Public Relations Officer Convention


The 11th Annual Public Relations Officer (PRO) Convention (PROC) hosted by The MC Foundation welcomed more than 2,000 riders to East Brunswick, NJ for a weekend of breakout sessions designed to benefit and educate the motorcycle community.

Although the PROC includes sessions geared towards motorcycle clubs, the PROC is certainly not restricted to motorcycle clubs only.

“The information offered during the PROC applies to all riders,” said Founder Jeff “Butta” Alford. “If you’re on 2s we want you here” Butta continued.

Sessions included Veterans Outreach, Basic Motorcycle Maintenance, How to do a Proper Bike Blessing, Road Captains Responsibilities, and Female Biker Friday and Saturday with Sharon “Lady Ninja” Cancel, Sue “Mama Sue” Slate, and Gin Shear of the Women’s Coalition of Motorcylists. Key Note speakers included two dynamic speakers on two very timely topics. First up was Mitch Proner, ESQ who enlightened a standing room only grand ballroom on Know Your Rights. Armed with compelling stats, video and his personal experience, Mitch spoke on the importance of knowing and exercising your rights, as motorcyclist are indeed unfairly targeted and judged throughout.

Next up was the unapologetic Preach from Sucka Free MC who shared his always candid as well as compassionate experience on MC Protocol. “We’re honored to have Preach and the Sucka Free MC family join us this year”, says PROC co-founder Brian “Seven” Lawson. “He brings a wealth of history and knowledge along with a sincere desire to help understand the world of MC protocol.”

“Know what it means to have a 3-piece patch on your back, get sanctioned from your local dominate [MC] and conduct yourself as one” are just a few of the points Preach touch upon.

Trust and believe, words do not serve justice to the enormity of this prolific Riders time on stage whose conclusion was also met with a well deserved standing ovation. We strongly encourage you to check out the video coverage from Block Burnaz’ Eddie “Wolfe Le.

This year’s PROC saw coast to coast participation states with female riders outnumbering males with a score of 607 to 489. Suzuki riders out numbering the second runner up, Kawasaki riders. Yamaha, Honda, Harley riders where you at? Providing the energetic on-site photography was the very personable go-getter Don JMD Cherry of MyPhoto. If you haven’t worked with this gentleman for your professional photography needs, you’re missing out – highly recommended.

We’d like congratulate Ronin MC out of Houston, TX for winning the Most Represented co-ed MC, GLOW for taking the Most Represented Female MC, also hailing from Houston is Syde Swipaz for won the Furthest Distance co-ed MC. Christ For Life MM from Chicago took home the Most Represented Male MC. The ladies of GLOW also won the Furthest Distance Female MC, and last but absolutely not least the Black Stallions rolled away with the Furthest Distance Male MC hailing from Los Angeles, California.

Having enough of the east coast frigid winter weather, the 2015 PROC will make its mark in the home of jazz, voo-doo, Creole cuisine, and Mardi Gras. Yep Big Easy New Orleans, get ready for the PROC.

Video provided courtesy of Eddie Wolf Le


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