13 Feb,2014

Find Your Motivation to a Healthier You


Motivation comes from a variety of sources. For me, its comes from my trainer, family, friends and fans, but most of all my motivation comes from within.

You also have to love yourself first and foremost. I love me. I love the way I look and the changes I am making to my body. It feels good and It is in my blood now, so start with loving yourself.

What motivates you? Have you fallen off living a healthy lifestyle and need to get back on track for a healthier you? Remember the fundamentals of a successful training program: Breathe, warm up, stretch and hydrate. Although simple, when applied correctly these fundamentals enable you to have a truly effective workout. Take conscious steps to ease back into a daily workout routine. The following five steps will have you living that healthy life you deserve:

Step 1 – Assessment: Visit a personal trainer for a health assessment. Today’s trainers are highly skilled professionals who can tailor a routine specifically for your needs.

Step 2 – Commit: Write a commitment statement to exercise for 10 days straight. Did you know it takes 10 days to break or begin a habit? Take one day at a time and before you know it, that 10th day will there.

Step 3 – Nutrition: Pack your diet with nutrient-dense foods and snacks to fuel your workouts such as berries, spinach, nuts, protein bars, whole grains and cereal. Small portions are key.

Step 4 -Schedule: Schedule your workout just as you would a meeting or dinner with friends. Plan the time, place and the type of exercise you will do. Far too often events may distract us during the day, so plan to exercise early in the morning. Prepare your workout clothes and a gym bag the night prior to your workout. Plan to have fun and it will happen.

Step 5 – Exercise: Exercise for at least 15 minutes, even if you can’t schedule a regular workout. If you do cardio, push yourself so it becomes harder to breathe sooner. If you lift weights, pick up heavier weights or shorten the time period between sets. You may find you get more done in 15 minutes than you would in a half hour if you increase the intensity of your workout.

Following these short steps will help you get back on track to a healthier you.


Yolanda Scott is a Registered Cardiac Nurse, Certified Sports Nutrition Coach, Certified Fitness Instructor, Personal trainer and a member of DC Sportbike Riders.
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