17 Jun,2013

ZooRyders Sexy “In” Stilettos Party | Party with the Zoo!

We started our club in July 2006 and before we even thought about throwing our own party we wanted to show luv and respect to all the Clubs that started before we did.

So that’s what we did for the first two years hitting every bike party, bike wash, blessing, etc. to give back and show that we’re for real and that we loved to ride.

By our second year a lot of folk in the MC Community started asking when we were going to have our first party. So once we felt we were getting the support of the MC Community we decided to have our 1st Annual ZooRyders Party April 19, 2008.

The theme for our party “Sexy in Stilettos” came from the thought if we give ladies the opportunity to showcase their style in a sexy, classy, tasteful manner……they would do just that and of course being an all male club we knew the fellas would follow (laughing!). The second year is when we decided if we’re going to do this we have to take it to the next level, that’s when we gave the winner a crown, a Miss “Sexy In Stilettos” banner and a cash prize of $500. We also decided to bring in the “Throttle Angels” (introduced at our 3rd annual party) to assist with juding because they represent the same sexy classy style as our Sexy in Stilettos contest, which is perfect for our event!

This year’s event we had approx 600+ attend and we are grateful for that especially considering the torrential down-pours our attendees endured to make it out. We try our best to make our party an experience, where we really want people to have fun! ZooRyders work hard and just like everyone else, we too, deal with the day to day issues and challenges that life brings both personally and professionally, (those obstacles). We just decide to Zealously Overcome Obstacles. So when we play, we play and ride HARD!!…NO MATTER WHERE WE ARE. Always showing and giving respect while taking care of our own. Since we “Get it in” at other club events we always invite folks to “Get it in” with us.

So for the last 4 years we’ve been fortunate that our event has gotten bigger and better each year and from the feedback we’ve been getting folks can’t wait to party with the Zoo and see the ladies “Sexy in Stilettos” at our party.

We’re not sure what our 5th Annual party will bring. But……..Uh ooohhhh uh uh ooohhh……..WE WANT EVERBODY to be ready to have a good time!

Thanks to JMD of Owner/Operator of MyEasyPhoto.com for lending a hand with the pix!