17 Jun,2013

STRIDER Balance Bike – nothing else comes close

Looking to get your precious little angel a bike, but hesitant because you think he or she is too young to ride? Enter the STRIDER Balance Bike.

The STRIDER Balance Bike is truly the perfect bike to instruct children from as young as 18 months to 5 years old how to ride in a fun, non-intimidating way. Children learn the oh-so important lesson of balancing as they stride along by using their feet to propel themselves forward and to stop. As their confidence grows, they’re able to lift their feet and glide or rest their feet on the foot rest areas. Before they (and you) know it, they are rocketing around the house or the park with the greatest of ease.

The genius of the STRIDER Bike is that it allows children to have fun scooting around without introducing the challenge of also learning how to peddle.

Made of a durable tubular steel-frame, STRIDER Bikes are built to withstand the usual “kid” punishment; however, they are light enough for easy handling by little tykes. There are other balance bikes on the market, even some that are made of wood. In my opinion however, they may “look” safe as some offer a wider and/or longer seat and foot rest areas; but these products don’t compare to the durability provided by Strider Sports.

Why am I so confident in this product? I witnessed firsthand the joy and ease of use my then 20-month-old and 3-year-old experienced on the STRIDER. As they became more confident, they didn’t want to leave the house without taking their bikes with them, even when visiting the Queens Together during their 9th Anniversary weekend. Flash forward a year, and they’re now zipping around without a care in the world on their peddle bikes having completely skipped the need for training wheels.

This is one purchase that you will not be disappointed with as you watch your little biker learn and grow. Still not convinced? Come out to the DC International Motorcycle Show (IMS) at the Washington Convention Center January 4th thru 6th and see for yourself at the Strider Adventure Zone.

For more information including a list of STRIDER’s nation-wide events and complete list of products, supplies and specialty bikes such as their Suzuki, Yamaha and Monster Energy versions visit stridersports.com.

Purchase discount IMS tickets using promo code: THRLIFE and motorcycleshows.com. See you at the show!

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