30 Jul,2015

Riding Dirty – A look inside the DMV Motorcycle Culture

Far too often when the general population thinks of motorcyclists fear, anger, resentment or other feelings of lack of respect come to heart by motorist and non-bikers. Some of this may be rooted from experiences encountered by seemingly reckless behavior (yours truly included) or good ‘ol mass media which typically only highlights only the negative. Thankfully, there is a new documentary to combat this image, “Riding Dirty” by Pegasus Media and Fighter Fish Productions.

Pegasus Media and Fighter Fish Productions held a directors’ cut screening of “Riding Dirty” which dispels this associated negative image or at the very least brings awareness to and provides an understanding to what it’s like to be a motorcyclist, both the joys and the pains.

Director, Rich “Fraser Fraze” Fraser and Executive Producer Anthony “Fifty” Green appeared on FOX 5 DC to discuss the film and how they strategically and at times dangerously weave throughout the various segments of the DMV motorcycle community with the same intensity as those that skillfully yet dangerously weave through traffic on our beltway while remaining unbiased and without passing judgment towards any segment.

They do so by providing a sense of history thanks in part to one of the oldest and most respected motorcycle clubs in the DMV, Down-N-Dirty (DND) motorcycle club (MC) (14 chapters strong) while sharing insight into the differences between being in an MC or riding club, a glimpse into the party scene with the Baltimore Black Tigers charity weekend (supporting five charities) and their Pajama Jammy-Jam to independent riders, bike blessings, street and drag racing with DMV pro motorcycle Drag Racer Ronnie Reece and World Champion Drag Racer, Rickey Gadson. Other segments include sport bikes and baggers as well as touching on the custom scene, the ever-growing female motorcyclist population, and safety with support from the Maryland State Highway Administration.

Riding Dirty does an excellent job telling the raw uncut story from a Riders point of view because that’s exactly what takes place. No dramatic voice-overs, no cleverly worded narrations, just raw straight-forward dialogue from riders sharing their experiences and insight while taking you on a journey into their world be it pleasant or not, but always honest including the tragic passing of two well respected riders in the DMV, Caleb “Scrappy” Williams and Herby Bolick.

One motorist in attendance commented he was hesitant to attend such a documentary out of concerns how the audience may react if they weren’t happy with their portrayal and frankly to be in an audience of “bikers” was intimidating. However, immediately after the screening he walked away with a new found sense of appreciation and respect for those of us in our world of 2s realizing we’re regular people behind our leathers and helmets with families and careers. He was also most grateful for the “Dirty Juice” offered by DND as he was welcomed to share in this moment with riders and attendees from as far away as Florida, Alabama, North Carolina, Ohio (represented by Omens MC), Game 7 Riderz (Virginia) and the Wild Bunch Sportbike Club.

Although Riding Dirty was two years in the making and faced several challenges and obstacles to complete, the final result is well worth the wait receiving major kudos from the audience including two thumbs up, loud applause, requests for a part 2 and even “mom approved” by way of street legend Fast Freddy’s mother.

Riding Dirty premieres Sunday, June 14 at 5 p.m. for a limited showing at United Artists Snowden Square 14 in Columbia, MD. For more information visit RidingDirtyMovie.com