18 Jun,2013

Good Deeds – His View

While in relationships we all try to do good deeds, but hearing the dreaded words “Honey, I want to see Tyler Perry’s new movie” is not quite the “good deed” we as guys are looking to do for the weekend.

Hey, we’re not “H8ters” but, there’s something about watching a comical 6’5″ man in “grandma drag” that just feels weird. I’m a Marine, so training has taught me to adapt and overcome so to the movies we went.

I quickly realized Good Deeds was different from what I expected. A well dressed and well mannered Tyler Perry, who plays Wesley Deeds III the CEO of a software empire he inherited is living a charmed life. But, sometimes in “LIFE” we discover having the right career, perfect girlfriend and a successful family still can still leave us with a void as we hit that mid-life point. As with many of us that go through this midlife crisis, the roar and rumble of a Harley-Davidson (H-D) is the answer and beginning to reclaim our soul. To get back to doing what WE want to do and achieve and helping others rise above the mundane along our journey.

This new image of an H-D rider and African-American success was a good look and as with many of Tyler Perry’s movies, the life of Wesley Deeds comes full circle in the end.

The supporting cast featured Thandie Newton, Gabrielle Union, Brian White, Phylicia Rashad, cutie Jordenn Thompson and a “black & chrome” co-star, a Harley-Davidson softail. Good Deeds was of redemption for all, whether rich or poor. In watching this movie I’m now inclined to seeing another Tyler Perry film and taking a Harley-Davidson out for a spin. This is one decision I’m glad I made because we all need Good Deeds and to provide Good Deeds to others in our lives.


Sempre Fi,


Andre “Gunz” Green, RET USMC
Savage Skulls, NY

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