17 Jun,2013

Deuces Wild 11th Anniversary

One of the Nation Capital’s most respected motorcycle clubs, ‘them Damn Deuces recently celebrated their 11th Anniversary in one of DC’s most recognized night life spots, LOVE.

LOVE has hosted celebrities and personalities from Jay-Z and Beyonce to, so when DC’s Zanzibar closed (the Deuces previous anniversary location) LOVE gladly opened their doors for them.

Adding to the mystique of the night were live performances by Bella Dona and Familiar Faces along with DJ LC and Rico cranking the party to 3 a.m. “Before the party was over, LOVE was already asking us to come back, so we take that as a sign of respect and success” says club President Uptown. “This being our first year at LOVE, we’re going to take the feedback received to make it even better experience for our supporters next year”, he continued.

Local clubs such as the Speed Divas, MSR, DND, Oxon Hill Regulators, MD Rebels, MD Hill Riders, Late Riders, Sons of Soloman, #1 Stunnas, ZooRyderz, Soulja Girlz and more were out to support. Out of town clubs from Philly, Jersey and New York as the Nasty Dogs out of Harlem were also out to show support, a testament to the Deuces Wild reputation, which makes no apologies for being a riding club first and foremost while still possessing a humble charity spirit.

As they say, It aint a fad, it aint a phase, its a life…. DEUCE LIFE. This is one club you can look to see more coverage beyond the party from us.