17 Jun,2013

DC Sportbike Riders | 12 Years in the Game!

D.C. Sportbike riders (DCSR), one of DMV’s oldest and longest running clubs began its legacy in 1999 under then President and Founder Norm Jackson.In 2001, DCSR experienced a “re-birth”. Led by Luther “Ljazz” Winder (DCSR President from 2001-2006) emerging as a stronger, focused, respected and award winning motorcycle club within and beyond the motorcycle community throughout the east coast.

DCSR has since grown to include more than 30 members with a mix of both male and female riders having a common goal of promoting safety and entertaining sportbike riding while contributing to the community by making a positive difference for those less fortunate.

We caught up with DCSR’s Yolanda Scott aka Rogue for her thoughts. “I’ve been with the DCSR for approximately eight years and love this club” says Rogue. “It’s a great fit for me because we have a common style of riding preferences and similar interests with a mutual respect for our differences. I joined DCSR because they were a proven and established M/C with a solid reputation. After doing additional research, I decided DCSR was the club for me and haven’t regretted it for a minute” she continued.

DCSR’s Secretary, Terri Young aka Cotton Candie has been a member for 9 years. “This is my one and only M/C I ever been with and will ever be with” she says. “DCSR is my extended family and always there for me. We have a lot in common and strongly believe in giving back to the community. For example, our “Thousands in December” charity we provided $500 to 10 organizations such as local orphanages and homeless shelters. You couldn’t ask to know a better group of people. DCSR 4 Life for me!” she continued with enthusiasm.

Under DCSR’s current President, David Young aka Party, they’ve continued to strengthen their reputation and charitable efforts with support to the Covenant House as well as educational and Feed the Homeless drives. This year DCSR celebrated their 12th year anniversary with a “12 Years in the Game” themed Anniversary weekend that included a meet and greet, cookout and anniversary party that brought in M/Cs from around the DMV, Philly, NJ, DE, NC and as far out as Indy’s 317 Ryders who took home the trophy for Furthest Club Traveled. “I can honestly say being part of DCSR has been one of the best experiences of my life” says Party who has been with DCSR since its inception and has been part of the Executive board for more than seven years. “I consider all of our club members’ family and pray the club can continue to grow in our charitable efforts” he continues. I also want to personally thank every organization that has supported us throughout the years.

As taken directly from their website, “DCSR strives to promote unity amongst sportbike riders in the Washington Metropolitan Area while enhancing relationships with sportbike riders nationally.” The success of the last 12 years is a true testament to this statement and we’re sure there are many more great years and things to come from DC Sportbike Riders!