18 Jun,2013

Club Mix – The Intro

In this column I am the self nominated official beverage taster aka the Drinks Connoisseur. I had the pleasure of being knocked on my tail by a Zoo shot, being Hunched by the Punch and enjoyed the simple delight of pineapples in the Wolfaid.

The Hunch Punch and Wolfaid were wickedly fruity and refreshing. Now mind you I only took sips, but I definitely felt the kick from the Wolfaid and enjoyed the Hunch Punch like it was kool-aid.

If you think your club has that special beverage? Get at us and let us know. If we select your drink to be featured, you could win the pleasure of me coming out for a real taste test. Please remember to always drink responsibly – no drinking and riding or driving! Signing off with my signature Johnnie Walker Black in hand. Stay up on dem 2’s.




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