18 Jun,2013

2011 Bikers Choice Awards

Five years ago Nicole Williams aka Icey had a vision of creating something unique for the motorcycle community. Something that would highlight, recognize and celebrate the accomplishments of those within this very unique and diverse community.

It didn’t matter if you were an independent or club rider, into sport bikes or baggers, stunting or cruising, male or female, newbies to the bike world or an experienced rider with more time on the seat than Black Bike Week or the Roundup in existence. Regardless of what or where you rode, this “something” would be for you. Enter, the Bikers Choice Awards (BCA), a culmination of awards from the Best Overall Motorcycle Event to the Most Charitable Club to the Honorary Lifetime Achievement award.

The 2011 BCA weekend kicked off in Raleigh, NC on Friday evening with a meet and greet and pre-BCA party hosted by K97.5’s Shena J. Saturday began with a Unity Ride to Team Powersports for a Community Day cookout and Fashion Show with some of the sexiest female motorcycle clothing attire on display from ICON, Joe Rocket and others. No doubt, some of the baddast ‘Busas were out from Coach ‘Busa and Dallas Cowboys from S!CM’ B!KZ, to Eddie Garrison’s burgundy and white MayBach inspired ‘Busa.

As the sun began to fade into the night, it was time. Time for the 4th Annual BCAs to set it off. Hosted by Punisher of Missing Linx MC and Mary J, President of 4U2NV MC. This dynamic duo didn’t waste any time shifting the show into high gear with their alter egos. Mary J was killing it with her fitted black leather dominatrix corset while Punisher’s permed-out Pimp Slap-a-ho’s antics kept the crowd guessing what in the world was he going to do next. Also continuing with supporting and hosting was K97.5’s Shena J.

This year’s big winner was K9 MC who walked away with more than eight awards including one of BCA’s distinguished awards, the Humanitarian Award. This year K9 made it their mission to give away $8k a month to their various selected charities. The BCA’s distinguished Honorary Award went to Down N’ Dirty for an astounding 30 years in the game beginning in the Spring of 1981 in Washington DC. Down N’ Dirty has now grown into multiple chapters throughout the United States clearly living up to their moto “Colors never die, they just multiply.”

Sharing K9’s sense of community outreach, Missing Linx MC won the award for the Most Charitable Co-Ed Motorcycle Club who earned this in part by serving their communities by providing meals on Thanksgiving Day amongst their other charitable and outreach efforts. Smokin’ Curves out of Fredericksburg, VA took home Rookie Club of the Year award while Big Red of Precious Metals Bike Club won the PRO/Event Informer of the Year category. Hottest Custom Cruiser of the year went to Cheekz of Ladyz on Khrome and Best Sportbike award went to K-os of Organized Chaos Ryderz with his single-sided swingarm 360mm rear rocking Tikki themed Hayabusa with the 14kt gold metallic flake laced paint job.

The ever active Lady Kim of Double Lyte Posse won Best Web Designer of the Year, Queen Isis of the Ruff Ryders won Track Racer of the Year with lyMElyte of N-2 Deep Sistas winning Best Overall MC Event Emcee/Host of the Year while representing N-2 Deep Sistas for Most Outgoing Female Motorcycle Club of the Year. The Best Overall Motorcycle Event of the Year went to the Black Tigers’ legendary Pajama Jam while Star Scream of K9 MC took the Best Overall MC Event DJ.

During the program, as with all bike events a moment of silence was observed to remember our fallen brothers and sisters. However, this observance was a bit different. Immediately following the moment of silence, was a heart-felt poetic dance passionately performed by BCA’s own V-Boogie honoring the lives of our brothers and sisters that ride with us in our hearts and memories.

The BCA organizers closed this year’s show with already looking ahead to 2012 while strongly encouraging those in attendance to nominate and vote vote vote for next year’s winners. Needless to say, an enormous amount of work goes on behind the scenes months in advance to orchestrate such an event. On behalf of the Throttle Life staff, I’d like to thank Icey, Precious, V-Boogie, and the entire BCA staff for their commitment and tireless efforts with such an event for our community. Special shout-out to I Ride magazine and Rock the Throttle for their coverage and support of the Awards. With the collaborative coverage and preliminary plans already in place, 2012 is going to be NICE!

For a complete list of winners check out Shifin Gearz Magazine at: shifingearzmag.com

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